Day 25: Münster


Tristan did a heroic 700km drive yesterday and we played a great show at Gleiss 22 in Münster.

I started off my day with a great breakfast buffet. I ended up putting scrambled eggs and bacon inside the croissant (not pictured).

We left just before 9am, Tristan at the helm driving slowly and patiently as it was his first time on the Autobahn.

Tristan demonstrating his favourite steering wheel grip the “one high, one low.

He kept up an aggressively consistent pace of not too much more than 100km/h for the whole trip and managed to get us to Münster in an impressive seven hours flat.

Along the way we found a rest stop that had some gym equipment so we stopped for a quick exercise.

I spotted a really good bridge.

Unknown rail bridge near Kamen, Germany.

And a power plant.

Westfalen power plant, disappointingly coal-fired, 800MW.

We spent a long time coming up with a list for our game of tour photo bingo. I’ll be posting updates as soon as we spot anything.

We had a really nice time at Gleis 22 where the staff fed us lots of snacks, then cooked us a beautiful dinner and did our washing 😍.

📸 Verenas Jukebox

Tristan gets Beth of the day for doing a seven hour drive, and for buying the most disgusting drink of the tour.

Congratulations Tristan, I love how hard you work every day for this great award.

1 thought on “Day 25: Münster”

  1. Just want to say I respect your driving style Tristan, very similar to my own, here in NZ and when I’m driving overseas. Just a tad slower than most but safe and steady.


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