Day 24: Dornbirn


Yesterday we drove East through the heart of Switzerland and then crossed the Austrian border to play a show in Dornbirn.

I breakfasted on a carrot with houmous and some paprika crisps.

📸 Tristan Deck

My first impressions of Austria were the narrow roads, confident drivers, and the incredible hospitality.

Dornbirn is located in the Southwest corner of the country near the borders of Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein. It sits right at the foot of the Karren mountain at the edge of the Eastern Alps.

We played at a venue called ‘Spielboden‘, a cultural centre housed in a former textile factory. The room we played in was kitted out with all the bells and whistles; there were more lights in the rig than there were audience members.

Our green room was packed with more food than we could eat so we made lunches for the next day. The venue made us a beautiful dinner that included a soup course, earning Liz’s stamp of approval.

The show was not very well attended (not too surprising considering we were playing in a small Austrian city of 50,000) but the audience were very appreciative and it was a good chance to practise my German banter. It went okay.

Liz’s Dornbirn highlight was playing to a friendly attentive audience.

Tristan’s highlight was having a post-gig sauna back at the hotel.

Jonathan’s highlight was when I turned on all nine of the horizontal shower heads in the sauna shower.

My highlight was a late night video chat with my favourite twins from my favourite band.

Beth of the day goes to KJ for hosting Jono and Liz and providing us with van breakfast.

Congrats KJ on your first Beth of the day!

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