Day 23: Bern, pt 2


Yesterday was another slow news day. We spent the day in Bern and tried not to spend any money.

For breakfast I ate the leftovers from my dinner the night before which was bread and butter with salami.

Tristan and I spent the afternoon getting haircuts and then going for a run.

Jono’s highlight of the day was visiting a tall cathedral. “Going up that cathedral I think must have been my favourite thing. You can go way higher than you should be allowed to go”.


📸 Jonathan Pearce

Tristan’s highlight was “that first wheat beer at the Altes Tramdepot. It was nice to have a beer with my friends”.

Liz’s highlight was “seeing KJ. Talking with KJ”.

Liz and KJ.

📸 Elizabeth Stokes

My highlight was seeing Tristan knock over a bar stool while completely sober.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for remembering to bring Jono’s jacket that he left in the van, and doing a great Instagram story.

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