Day 20: Madrid


Yesterday we caught a flight from Lyon to Madrid, where we had a rest day before Tomavistas festival.

Our lovely host greeted us with fresh croissants in the morning before bidding us farewell.

We left Vanessa Carlton at Lyon airport and flew to Madrid with just our instruments and a change of clothes. After checking into our hotel Tristan and I went to a nearby restaurant and demolished a platter of Ibérico cured meats.

Full to bursting we tried to walk our meal off by heading into the city for some sightseeing.

Cybele Palace.

Telifónica building.

Estanque grande del retiro

We made it all the way to Parque de El Retiro before we parted ways, Tristan to find some Tacos for dinner, and me heading off to watch the first night of Tomavistas festival. I managed to catch several great bands including Beach House and Toro y Moi, before walking back to the hotel.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for ordering an €18 euro meat platter for himself and then begging Tristan to come and help him eat it.

Nice one Ben, good to see you on the pedestal again 👍

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