Day 16: London


We had our first day off yesterday and decided to drive back to London.

We checked out of our hotel mid-morning and drove to a nearby Marks & Spencer for breakfast. I had a noodle salad, a rice and quinoa salad, and a punnet of raspberries.

It was a productive afternoon for us all. I got the screen replaced on my phone, Liz did everyone’s laundry, Tristan got photos developed, and Jonathan went backpack shopping.

In the evening we went out for dinner with Chrissy P and Garyun and afterwards I went to stay with a wonderful cousin Emma’s flat, arriving there just in time to miss watching the Game of Thrones finale.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ finale. Apparently there were eight seasons.

Tristan developed three rolls of film yesterday and I would like to present a few of his favourite shots from the past couple of weeks. #35mm

Tristan made a strong play for Beth of the day by finding a cheap phone repair place for me, buying truffle crisps for everyone, and finding five pounds on the sidewalk which he used to buy a papaya salad to share at dinner. Liz turned everything upside down at the last minute though, sacrificing two hours on her day off to wash and fold everyone’s clothes.

Nice work Liz I hope this accolade makes it all worthwhile.

1 thought on “Day 16: London”

  1. I am super proud Ben. Of you all! Reading your blog each day is a joy. Tell Jono I saw the Hans Pucket video blog of him flirting with the horse – James Milne shared it on Facebook. What an actor – he smashed it! The video has the feel of one of those old-fashioned, naughty but nice, clips from the 60’s, aka Carry On, Benny Hill. You’re probably too young to know of such movies/programmes. Bye for now. 😀

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