Day 14: Wrexham


We had a pleasant journey to Wrexham yesterday stopping off in Cosford for a visit to the RAF museum.

I slept in and missed out on the free hotel breakfast but according to other members of the Beths it was “well stocked”, and “The best the United Kingdom had to offer”, and “I still wouldn’t touch the eggs”.

My first meal of the day was at ‘Refuel‘, the RAF Museum’s cafe. I had one of the best sausage rolls of my career, and an Eccles cake.

The museum had a fine collection of aircraft ranging from the First World War up to the end of the Cold War. A few of my personal highlights were the ‘Hawker Siddeley Nimrod‘, the ‘Messerschmitt 163B-1a Komet‘ and the ‘English Electric Lightning‘. My plane of the day however goes to the ‘Gloster Meteor F8 Modified‘ which was used to test the effects of G-forces on a pilot flying in the prone position.

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod, maritime patrol aircraft.

Messerschmitt 163B-1a Komet, rocket-powered interceptor.

English Electric Lightning, fighter/interceptor.

My plane of the day the Gloster Meteor F8 Modified.

Our show was part of the Focus festival which is held in Wrexham, a small town in Northern Wales. We were lucky enough to be playing right after ‘Peaness‘, a band from the neighbouring town of Chester. They played a pumping set of pop-punk bangers which left us with our jaws sagging to the floor. Their merch included handmade pea soft toys.

Honourable mentions for Beth of the day are Tristan for suggesting the museum stop and Ben for eating a spectacularly good sausage roll. In the end Liz won out by doing an exemplary Instagram story. (See below)

That’s two in a row Liz. Now go get ’em!

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