Day 13: Bristol

WelcomeWe farewelled London yesterday and drove along a sluggy M4 to the beautiful coastal town of Bristol.

I was lucky enough to ride with Hans Pucket yesterday and they generously went out of their way to pick me up from Emma’s. Googlina (the artificial intelligence that powers Google’s navigation service) sent us on a thrilling 1.5hr crosstown crawl before we even got to the motorway and by the time we stopped for breakfast we were all thoroughly hangry.On a recommendation I decided to eat at Gregg’s, ordering a sausage roll and a steak bake. Luckily the pastries were fresh out of the oven and I didn’t get the lukewarm mince experience that haunts so many unfortunate customers.Setting off again we slogged it along the M4 for a while and then Googlina took us on a lovely cross-country detour saving us several minutes, arriving at the venue only an hour after the intially predicted ETA.We ate dinner before soundcheck and took in some of the beautiful views on the Bristol waterfront.The show was another frother with a wild crowd that had been thoroughly stirred up by Hans Pucket’s fine offerings.Afterwards we hung out with Heidi and Lydia from our favourite Bristol band ‘Slagheap’, and Tim our favourite Bristol sound engineer.My bridge of the day goes to ‘Pero’s Bridge’, a pedestrian Bascule bridge that spans St Augustine’s Reach in Bristol harbour. Designed by Irish artist Ellis O’Connell, the Pero bridge has an 11 metre longest span, and is distinguished by the horn-shaped sculptures which act as counterweights for the lifting section.Beth of the day goes to Liz for counting every single merch transaction of the tour.Good work Liz. A slow start but you’ll be there before you know it.

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