Day 11: Manchester


Yesterday we had a beautifully scenic drive from Glasgow to Manchester, where we played to a packed room at Band On The Wall.

Jonathan and I jointly found a great cafe and we met Hans Pucket there for breakfast. I had a joyous breakfast bap laden with bacon, egg, and haloumi.

I was lucky enough to ride to ride in ‘Dad’ for the drive to Manchester. Dad is Hans Pucket’s Hyundai Tucson; a vehicle they described as ‘reliable’, ‘autonomous’, and ‘supportive’. With his 1.6 litre petrol engine delivering 177hp, and a gross weight of only 1660kg Dad will get you from 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds flat – and he’ll do it while giving you that affirming handshake you never knew you needed.


📸 Abe Hollingsworth

Oli rode in the Beths van while the Callums Passells and Devlin, and me, had a great time listening to the playlist I’ve been curating, ‘Tastes of Butter’. It’s still being refined but if you are interested in taking a listen I’ll provide a link below.

Tastes of Butter

We made a quick beer and toilet stop at a gorgeous inn outside of Blackpool named ‘The Grey Mare’. It was there that I was fortunate enough to discover my latest faucet of the day. The ‘Hot/Cold’ (brand unknown) is a clearly-labeled work of beautiful simplicity. With it’s traditional shape and raw brass finish it made my handwashing a nearly nostalgic experience. The flow was crisp and easily controlled, ranging from the fine silk of a spider to the powerful gushing strength of a garden hose.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan who spent a great deal of time talking to some pretty punishing punters after the gig, and managed to score an Aperol Spritzer for me.

Keeping it tight Jonathan. Nice.

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