Day 9: Edinburgh


Yesterday we drove up the East Coast of England and stopped for lunch and castle in Bamburgh.

I entrusted my breakfast order to Jonathan and he returned with a cheap and cheerful ham and salad roll. Tristan also donated me a jam crumpet. The coffee was the worst I’ve had in living memory; the steaming liquid possessed only the faintest traces of the acrid coffee grinds it once harboured.

The drive along the A1 was fairly mundane but we were saved from utter boredom by Callum Devlin who was guest-riding in our van. My highlight of the journey was winning Callum’s quiz, ‘Callum Devlin trivia’.

We stopped for a tearoom lunch in the beautiful coastal town of Bamburgh. I managed to negotiate a trade with Callum and Tristan so that I got to enjoy two different types of sandwich as well as both sweet and savoury scones. The spectacular Bamburgh Castle was located just down the road from the tearoom so we had a quick gaze and a photoshoot before getting back on the road.

Our show was in the Edinburgh aold town at a tiny venue called ‘The Mash House’. Hans Pucket absolutely charmed the audience with an opening set that has been described by members of the Beths as both ‘raging’ and ‘very funky’. We followed up with a set that has been described by Hans Pucket members as ‘pretty ruckus and friendly’ and ‘very attentive and lovely’.

Hans Pucket raging

📸 Tristan Deck

Tristan, Callum, and Ben.

📸 Oliver Devlin

I’m delighted to include another segment of Jonathan’s

Beth of the day went to Jonathan. He made a strong start with the cheap bap order and followed it by finding a brilliant lunch spot. He was then awarded a bonus point for picking a lunch spot that was next to a castle.

Congratulations Jonathan, you’re really showing us how it’s done.

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