Day 10: Glasgow


Yesterday we visited Edinburgh castle before driving to Glasgow for our show at G2.

The cafe we visited for breakfast only opened the kitchen on weekends so we were confined to cabinet food. I ate a blueberry and lemon donut.

Afterwards we walked up Castle Rock and tried to see as much of the castle as we could without paying the £19 entry fee.

📸 Jonathan Pearce

We met this owl.

The drive along the M8 to Glasgow is only an hour which was a nice change and for the first time on the tour we were punctual for soundcheck.

Glasgow is always an exciting city for us because it is home to the world’s best gig promotor. Gerry really knows how to make a band feel at home and last night was no exception. When we arrived he was full of smiles and Glasgow cheer, and straight away he helped us unload our gear from the van. He sorted out a great rider including two punnets of raspberries and even arranged for the bar staff to wash our laundry. If that wasn’t enough he managed to get Hans Pucket an extra gig later in the evening after a last minute cancellation from another act. He threw us a great party after the show and then he graciously hosted Hans Pucket at his apartment, even letting Callum Passells sleep in his bed.

Jonathan, Liz, and Gerry Blythe.

📸 Oliver Devlin

Liz, Jono, and Oli.

📸 Callum Devlin

Hans Pucket playing a powerful opening set at G2.

📸 Tristan Deck

Hans Pucket playing their bonus show at Broadcast.

📸 Tristan Deck

Callum and Oli share a moment at the afterparty.

📸 Jonathan Pearce

For his noble conduct, extraordinary generosity, and jaw-dropping handsomeness I am proud to award Beth of the day to Gerry Blythe.

Can’t wait to see you again Gerry ❤️❤️

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