Day 8: Leeds

Yesterday we drove from Brighton to Leeds with a nice detour through the Peaks District National Park.

Jonathan had a great start to the day scoring a quick point for finding a great breakfast spot. I had a roll with slow-cooked brisket and caramelised onion.

Tristan drove us out of Brighton on the A23 and then the M25 before connecting to the M1 which took us all the way up to the Peaks District. We stopped for a tearoom lunch in the charming town of Castleton and each enjoyed a delightful cream tea.

The rest of the drive to Leeds took us through some lovely lanes and backroads. We took our time and enjoyed the scenery, paying little heed to the traffic backed up behind us.

Our show yesterday was part of the Gold Sounds festival and we arrived there in time to see the wonderful Alex Lahey and her band perform. We were also reunited with our friends from New Zealand’s best band Hans Pucket who had carved a hole in our collective hearts a couple of days earlier when they left us to visit family in Wirral.

Goldsounds festival, held at the renowned Brudnell Social Club.

📸 Tristan deck

One of the great highlights of yesterday’s journey was when Jonathan begun an impromptu segment which provided us with troves of little-known facts about the original Beth.

My next announcement is a very happy one. Tristan has just scored a hat trick with his third consecutive Beth of the day win. He had a strong start by taking the first driving shift and then followed it up by convincing a stranger to move to a different parking space so we could fit our van in. At the tea rooms in Castleton he befriended a lady at the table next us so that Liz could pat her dog and then at the gig in Leeds he gave me a stonking shoulder massage. To top it off with an impressive fifth point he flawlessly backed the van around a crowd of people when we were leaving the venue.

Bloody well done Tristan. If I wasn’t so. bitter I’d be proud of you.

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