Day 7: Brighton, pt 3


Yesterday we played two shows in Brighton, I tried to push through another hangover, and we were unsuccessful in our hunt Pho a Vietnamese dinner.

I was out quite late the night before on important music industry business so I was feeling a bit rough when I woke up. Tristan pulled through again with a breakfast of sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, and fried eggs.

Our first show was at a tiny venue called Hope and Ruin. Liz summed up the gig perfectly: “Playing in a small keen place again, nice people”.

📸 @elbmate

We then headed down to Horatio’s to drop off our gear and let Tristan try and get a photo with a seagull.

At this point I was desperate for a Pho so we spent forty minutes walking to two different Vietnamese restaurants, both of which had huge wait times so we ended up getting Chinese.

Our show at Horatio’s went well despite the stage sound being according to Jonathan, “the worst I’ve had on the tour so far”, and having “hearing loss levels of hihat”.

My faucet of the day goes to the ‘Lift for shower’ (brand unknown). It was smooth and highly responsive with a satisfying amount of resistance, which allowed for an easy manipulation of both flow and temperature. The hot water system in the house was somewhat erratic but the ‘Lift for shower’ made it almost effortless to quickly counter the surges of scalding liquid. Put simply, a joy to operate.

Tristan managed to win instantaneous Beth of the day by cooking me another hangover-curing breakfast.

Keep it up and it could be a hat trick!

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