Day 6: Brighton, pt 2


Yesterday we played at the New Zealand showcase in the afternoon and then had a night off to enjoy the festival.

I started my day off with a beautiful breakfast cooked by the wonderful Tristan Deck. He bought some black pudding from the local butcher and served it alongside sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, and two different flavours of toast.

In the afternoon we headed down to Horatio’s Bar at the end of the Brighton pier, where the New Zealand showcase was being held. On the way we stopped so Liz could order too many donuts, and then reluctantly helped her eat them. There was a small but strong NZ presence at the Great Escape consisting of Finn Andrews, Soaked Oats, Liesure, and The Beths, which made for a really enjoyable show.

The real highlight of the day was when Tristan and I road the Crazy Mouse rollercoaster.

Instantaneous Beth of the day goes to Tristan for having breakfast ready for when I woke up hungover.

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