Day 5: Oxford/Brighton


Yesterday we spent the morning and afternoon exploring Oxford before driving down to Brighton for the Great Escape festival.

After checking out of our accommodation we found a coffee shop on the walk into town. I ordered a filter coffee and a cheese toastie.

It was a sopping wet day in Oxford but that didn’t stop us from seeing some wonderful sights. We wandered around Queens College and then visited Christ Church, trying to see as much as possible without paying any entry fees.

The Radcliffe Camera.

Christ Church (College).

Our next free attraction was the Oxford Natural History Museum which provided us with many fine taxidermy examples and model bacteria.

When we were all too tired to stand we headed back to the van and Liz drove us down down the M40 and then the M25 to Brighton, stopping only for a brief backroad diversion.

Bridge of the day goes to the Lyne Railway Bridge. Build in 1972 it is notable as one of the first all-concrete stayed railway bridges in the world.

Beth of the day goes to Ben who made the tea in the morning, walked all the way across town to repark the van, ate two lunches, and bought Jake a sandwich.

You are an inspiration Ben. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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