Day 4: Oxford


Yesterday we drove to Oxford, and on the way had a sightseeing stop at Blenheim Palace.

We had a nice soft start leaving Birmingham at 11am and dipping in to a rest area for breakfast. I had a grain, egg, and avocado salad from Waitrose.

It was only a short drive to Oxford so we took a slight detour, first to the picturesque village of Woodstock and then to Blenheim Palace.

The Palace was constructed between 1705 and 1722 and since it’s completion has been the principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and also home to the Churchill family.

📸 Tristan Deck

We arrived in Oxford late in the afternoon and Tristan and I managed to get a few rounds of pool in before soundcheck.

Our show at the Bullingdon was excellent. Hans Pucket played to a full room and absolutely smashed it out of the park, and we did our best to follow up after their greatness.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan for making me a cup of tea in the morning, for winning at pool, and for parking the van after everyone went to bed.

Good job mate 👍

1 thought on “Day 4: Oxford”

  1. Thanks so much for a great gig at the Bullingdon, Beths, both you and Pucket boys were grand. Despite the “let’s pretend there’s a green room in this corner” moment.


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