Day 2: London


We arrived in London yesterday and had a really good go on some public transports.

I already detailed my day 2 breakfast in my day 1 blog so apologies for the repeated content. I’ll try and go into more detail to keep it interesting.

For breakfast yesterday I had an American-style omelette with a side of tater tots and a slice of tomato. The omelette was served nice and hot but was slightly overdone and lacked the creamy inside that I prefer. It also lacked the fresh green herbs needed to cut through the butter and salt. The tater tots were quite disappointing, lacking the usual crispy texture and possessing a distinct microwavy taste. I was hoping that the tomato would provide a reprieve but found it to be nothing more than a warm, watery sack of seeds that amplified the already lingering taste of disappointment in my mouth.

After a relatively painless experience clearing immigration we left Heathrow and took the underground to Finsbury Park. From there we caught the 106 bus to Cazenove where Jono’s brother Chrissy P lives, and dropped off our gear before heading over to Clissold park for a game of cricket in the beautiful late-afternoon sun.

📸 Tristan Deck

📸 Tristan Deck

📸 Chrissy P

In the evening we had a great pub dinner with Chrissy P and his partner Garyun, after which I headed over to stay with my wonderful cousin Emma.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for fashioning cricket wickets out of a tree branch, hitting the most sixes in cricket, and ordering the best beer.

Keep it up Ben!

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