Day 17: Austin, pt 3


Yesterday we had a day off from playing. We had a few interviews in the afternoon and then a dinner with our US booking agent Brian.

We had nice soft start to the day and played some driveway cricket while we waited for our Uber.

Our first stop was Cheer Up Charlie’s where we saw Illuminati Hotties crush it yet again, and then saw another of our favourite artists, Sidney Gish.

Illuminati Hotties.

Sidney Gish.

I visited a Venezuelan food truck for breakfast and had an Arepa (cornbread) filled with beans, pork, salsa, and avocado.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing interviews before we lime-ganged it across town to our dinner.

Mobile disco.

Main Street nightlife.

Afterwards Liz and Tristan went to a KPop showcase while Jonno and I headed to watch another of our favourite artists, Lomelda. She was absolutely incredible and afterwards we even got to see Sidney Gish tear up the stage again.


Beth of the day goes to Tristan for getting us a sweet photo on a firetruck, and for ordering a pork tomahawk at dinner.

What an overachiever!

1 thought on “Day 17: Austin, pt 3”

  1. We’re loving all the new (to us) bands you’re seeing. We just got back from WOMAD where I was telling someone about Illuminati Hotties. We also love your touring diet, cricket and the fact you played three gigs in one day 🙂


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