Day 15: Austin


Yesterday we flew on a United Airlines 737-800 from Tampa to Dallas and then another to Austin.

My breakfast yesterday was an Aunty Anne’s pretzel that I bought at the airport.

When we arrived we went straight to our airbnb which is located near Barton creek in West Austin. Our house is a classic suburban dwelling with a huge kitchen, curved-screen television, and a mini-gym.

After checking in we did a quick acoustic radio session before heading to the venue for our evening show.

We played a venue called Mohawk which had a nice outdoor stage with a small grandstand that you could watch from.

The stage sound was pretty sloppy unfortunately but I think we played a pretty good gig nonetheless.

Beth of the day goes to Jacob Snell. At the beginning of the day he lost a point for getting pulled up by the TSA for having water left in his drink bottle, leaving him on minus 1. However he made a great comeback, winning points for suggesting an uber dropoff point that avoided traffic, negotiating a place to store our equipment while we ate, and for suggesting a vegan burger truck that was to everyone’s liking.

Excellent work Jake!

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