Day 13: Savannah


Apologies to all of my readers that this is a day late. I didn’t sleep last night because we had such an early flight in the morning and after spending a day in the Florida sun I fell asleep before I could finish writing.

For breakfast ereyesterday I had the classic ‘Sleep Inn’ hotel fare of a waffle and a bagel.

Our drive to Savannah went smoothly and we arrived early enough to look around the town. My highlight was Talmadge Memorial bridge, which carries four lanes of traffic across the Savannah River. With a total length of 3km and a 340 metre longest-span, this magnificent structure was an easy pick for my bridge of the day.

Photo credit Billy Birdwell.

We played in a bar called El Rocko Lounge. It was quite a rough experience from a technical standpoint as the sound engineer didn’t appear to have had much experience reinforcing the on-stage sound of a band using microphones and a PA. Despite this he was extremely friendly and eager to learn and was grateful when Jonathan helped him fix a few of the problems we were having.

Tristan was thrilled to try out a new design of cymbal stand he hadn’t seen before. It utilises a spring that the cymbal is mounted atop of, giving the cymbal a huge amount of sway when you strike it hard enough.

Afterwards we drove back to our Motel which was next to the airport. Tristan and I decided it wasn’t worth sleeping since we were already losing an hour to daylight savings and we had to wake at 4am. Luckily there was a bar open not thirty seconds walk from our room so we stayed there until close before showering and starting the next day.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for being really calm and patient while helping out our sound engineer.

Keep it up Jonathan!

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