Day 11: Nashville


We had a big drive from Chicago to Nashville yesterday. Noone was pulled over and we were all very happy.

I started off my day with a hotel breakfast consisting of a fresh waffle and a sausage and egg muffin.

We set out around 8.30am (minus one hour for time zone change) and arrived in Nashville around 6pm and went straight to a radio interview before heading to Bolton’s fried chicken for dinner. Tristan and Jonathan both ordered the second hottest level of spice which they managed with ease, putting us in a great mood for the show.

Photo credit: Liz Stokes.

The venue we played was called ‘The Basement’ and was a small 200 capacity venue underneath a record store. There was a show there that finished right before ours so we had a very quick load-in and no sound check, but despite this the gig went really well.

Afterwards we had a game of cricket in the carpark with our very good friends from Bad Bad Hats. Liz had a very impressive innings, luring us all in with her short defensive shots before driving boundaries underneath all the parked cars.

Prank of the day goes to Ben for putting heaps of widgets on Tristan’s otherwise squeaky clean phone UI.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan for the great dinner recommendation, for doing a great job driving, for topping up the windscreen cleaning fluid, and for safely eating really spicy chicken.

Congratulations Tristan!

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