Day 10: Chicago


Yesterday we drove from Cleveland to Chicago. I slept for most of the drive so I’m not sure if anything happened.

We started off our day with a live radio session at WAPS 3.6 in Akron and then hopped onto the I-90 for the journey west. Jonno got pulled over for driving too close to a semi he was trying to overtake but got off with a warning.

Photo credit Tristan Deck.

For breakfast I had burrito with refried beans, rice, lettuce, and sour cream.

Our Chicago show was at a 500 capacity venue called the Lincoln Hall, just a few blocks away from Lincoln Park. The gig was filmed and broadcasted live by Audiotree so hopefully we played okay.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for setting up and running the merch desk, packing down all of the instruments at the end of the gig (with Jake), packing the van, helping Bad Bad Hats pack their van, instigating a game of alleyway cricket, and washing and folding the washing.

Keep it up Ben!

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