Day 7: Philadelphia


Yesterday we drove back up the I-95 and cruised alongside the Delaware River into the city of Philadelphia.

We stopped to pick up Todd (head of our label Carpark Records) on the way out of DC and he gave me a superfood bar for breakfast.

We arrived in Philly and went straight to ‘Everybody Hits Batting Cages’ where they take photos of bands and make baseball cards for them.

We stopped off at Joe’s Steaks for a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and then played some indoor minigolf before heading to the venue.

Todd Hyman following through with his swing.

The show was held in the basement of the First Unitarian Church on Chestnut Street. It was quite a DIY setup and featured the oldest PA we’ve ever played on. We had a really great time playing though and it was great getting to play in an all ages venue.

Beth of the day gets awarded to Todd for paying for and winning minigolf, tour-guiding us on the drives, and eating two cheese steaks.

Congratulations Todd!

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Philadelphia”

  1. Hi the Beths!
    Hope you are enjoying the North America tour (the second in as many years!).
    So are you adding the baseball rookie cards to your evergrowing merch range? I do hope so!!!
    Also, who’s on the drums this time?


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