Day 3: Montreal


Yesterday we drove from Toronto to Montreal along highway 401.

We awoke to a frigid -12°C morning in Toronto to find it snowing steadily outside. Our first task of the day was a radio session at Indie 88 which felt a bit rough as we all had morning voices. Afterwards we got straight back on the road to try and make it to our 5.30pm soundcheck in Montreal.

Unfortunately for us a moderate snow storm had set in by the time we left and instead of the planned 5.5 hour travel time it took almost 9 hours. The drive was very slow for the first few hours as the highways were very snowy and visibility was quite poor but it cleared up eventually.

We didn’t have time to stop for breakfast so I had a 1/2 Jos Louis and some ketchup flavoured kettle chips.

Highlights of the trip included stopping at a Tim Hortons for donuts and meeting a lovely old couple that showed us how to win prizes from our coffee cups. We didn’t win the BBQ but Tristan got a free coffee.

We arrived in Montreal just in time to provide Bad Bad Hats with the amps they needed to perform their set. The venue we played at was a really cute 100 person room called Casa Del Popolo which sounded amazing, especially after the dismal sound the night before.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for doing most of the driving and for making a really good Instagram story.

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