2019 USA East Coast/ Canada, Day 1: Auckland to Buffalo

Welcome back my lovely readers.

For the next three weeks we will be performing shows in the USA and Canada, starting in Toronto and finishing in Houston.

Join the me and the rest of the Beths as we struggle through frigid temperatures and blazing tempers, and see if we succeed in this daring endeavour.

On the afternoon of Monday 25th February we embarked on a United Airlines 777-300 bound for San Francisco. The flight was moderately comfortable and featured some of the fastest stewarding work I have ever seen. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with a sausage, a slice of potato, and some sopping spinach, accompanied by some extremely cold fruit.

On the flight I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, ‘Serendipity’ and the first part of Ken Burns’ baseball documentary ‘The Tenth Inning’.

Upon arrival in San Francisco we attempted to rush through immigration as we had a very quick transfer for which we needed to collect and re-check all of our baggage. Tristan let the team down by getting briefly detained for apparently having the incorrect paperwork, but luckily he managed to talk his way out and we made it to our flight in time.

We flew on an Airbus A330 for the five hour flight to Newark, New Jersey. There was no food provided on the flight and I didn’t bother watching another movie.

Newark airport has iPads at almost every table in the terminal including all of the restaurants. You seem to be able to use them for ESPN, ordering food and gambling.

We had a nice easy transfer at Newark and after a quick meal we boarded another Airbus A330 for the 1.5 hour flight to Buffalo. It was -7°C when we landed at around 7pm local time and it hasn’t gotten any warmer. We picked up our rental van and then drove it to our hotel which is right next to the airport. Luckily our Holiday Inn is right to a Classic American Grill so we stopped in for a late dinner before turning in.

Beth of the day gets awarded to Liz for maintaining a positive attitude through trying times, and for not forgetting anything on the plane.

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