Day 23: Emirates 777 to Dubai


Last night we played the final show of the tour at Sentrum Scene in Oslo.

It got very snowy as we drove into Oslo yesterday but Jonathan handled the drive expertly. Our show at the Sentrum Scene was really fun and we were sad that we had to stop playing. At the end of the night we had an emotional goodbye with the Deathcab band and crew members and then unceremoniously drove back to our hotel.

Today we have a six hour flight on an Emirates 777 to Dubai where we have a ten hour stopover (luckily we get provided with hotel rooms). From there we fly on an A380 to Sydney where we stop for a quick refuel, and then on to Christchurch and the Nostalgia festival.

For breakfast today we ate at the Jamie Oliver restaurant at Oslo airport and I had Porcini Tagliatelle.

Thanks to all of my readers for your wonderful support over the duration of this tour, I’m looking forwards to joining you all on the next one.

Take care,


1 thought on “Day 23: Emirates 777 to Dubai”

  1. I don’t know if you’re aware that we’re reading your blog Ben, I hope you don’t mind, but Grant and I would like to say thank you for sharing your stories of the tour in such an amusing, witty and delightful way. It means the world to us to know what you had for breakfast! Every evening we look forward to reading your new blog post and looking at the photos. We were very excited to read tonight that you intend to continue your blog on the next tour!


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