Day 14: Utrecht


Last night we played at a fantastic venue, DE ROMA, in Antwerp.

The venue staff were amazing and we had a great dinner and a great show. We tried to psych out Deathcab For Cutie by wearing their band shirts on stage, but they one-uped us by wearing Beths shirts for their encore. I will keep everyone updated with how this feud develops.

Today for breakfast I had a mandarin, an apple, and a couple of oat crackers with houmous. A classic van breakfast.

We slept quite late and then drove up to Utrecht. We had the day off today so I went to Amsterdam to look around. Unfortunately there was a weather catastrophe so I spent most of my time in a cafe. I ventured out to buy a strupe waffle at one point but it was served in a cardboard box without any cutlery so I ended up getting my hands covered in caramel and crumbled biscuit. And it was too sweet so I felt sick.

I didn’t take any stunning shots in Amsterdam but here are a few un-stunning ones to fill up the rest of the space.

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