Day 2: Dublin: Pt.2


We pick up this morning after I miraculously score eight hours of sleep and wake at a very gentle 8.30am.

I started the day by finishing the film I had fallen asleep to, ‘The Bone Collector’ starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

The Bone Collector’

'The Bone Collector'

Breakfast, cooked by Jonathan Pearce was a delicious plate of Tagliatelle covered in mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, and chilis. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo but here is roughly what it looked like.

An artist’s impression.

After breakfast we played some apartment cricket before heading over to Trinity College to see the book of Kells.

The book of Kells is a richly-decorated copy of the four gospels of the life of Jesus Christ, and dates back to c.800AD. The calligraphy and the illustrations are spectacularly detailed and it was breathtaking to see in person. The museum did a fantastic job of explaining the techniques used in creating the book and also the imagery contained in it’s illustrations. The pages are all vellum (calfskin) and it’s estimated that around 185 calves would have been required for this text.

A copy of the book of Kells

We also saw the spectacular Long Room of the Trinity College library, containing over 200,000 texts that are available to students and researchers.

The Long Room

Handwritten recipe book from 1877

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